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Old News: 2009

posted December 24th, 2009

Christmas Card: Opa sits on Father Christmas's lap

Ho Ho Ho!

Grandpa and Nanny pose with Father Christmas The Family section of the Audience Father Christmas (Willem) listens to a little girl's Christmas wish (Nanny) Willem plays Father Christmas Willem (Father Christmas)On Stage beside the waterfall Father Christmas dispenses advice and weapons Portrait of Father Christmas during fight scene tableau after the show, Father Christmas mingles with the young members of the audience

posted June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Mom and Dad and baby Willem circa 1993

Mom and Dad try to interest baby Willem in the concept of birthday cake sixteen years ago.

posted June 1, 2009


Anyone interested in acquiring a free russwurm.org email address contact:

NOTE: This would not replace your usual email address, it is a courtesy email forwarding service.
Email sent to you at
would be forwarded to your usual email address.
(Should you wish to keep your regular email address dark, you'd need to set up your mailbox accordingly).

This is a great email address if your surname is Russwurm. But it can also be very useful if you've had a name change. Although I use my married name in day-to-day life, my professional name will always be Laurel L. Russwurm. The name may have been difficult to wear as a kid, but for name recognition it's unbeatable-- once anyone learns the name "Russwurm" they remember it forever.

By the same token, using a Russwurm email address makes life simpler when reconnecting with people who knew me before I married. So I'm thrilled to have my laurel.l@russwurm.org email address.

As you can imagine, the "L" names are going fast, so if you're interested don't leave it too late.

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