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Family 1 : John Brown Russwurm


[146] From: Bob Jonkman
To: Randall Stokes
Subject: Re: Sarah McGill
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 00:42:12 -0500

I want to tell you what Randall Stokes said
about "Sarah McGill" on 4 Dec 2001 at 13:00

> I came across this name and think Sarah McGill must be the daughter or
> grandaugher of Sam McGill, a freed slave who went to Liberia in the
> early 1830s as a young man (with his parents, I believe). His sponsor
> was Moses Shepard of Baltimore, a Quaker member of the Colonization
> Society. Sam came back to the US under Moses' sponsorhip and went to
> med school at Dartmouth, getting his medical degree in about 1836 or
> so. There is a biography of Moses Shepard which tells part of this
> story, including some letters they exchanged. Sam McGill was an
> unusual and possibly great man. Good luck.
> Randall Stokes

Thanx for the additional information! I have a short note that Sarah
McGill's father was the Lieutenant-Governor of Monrovia (but I don't
know his name). Sarah McGill married John Brown Russwurm in 1833, so
it seems unlikely that her father would have been the young man who
went to Liberia in the 1830's. Of course, I don't know when her
father became the L-G of Monrovia either -- that might have taken
place well after Sarah's marriage.

There's a manifest that indicates a Caesar Russwurm, farmer,
immigrated to Liberia on 4 March 1830 on the ship "Heroine"; Sarah E.
McGill, age 16, immigrated on 18 February 1831 on the "Reaper"; a
Samuel McGill immigrated in 1839 on the "Saluda", and a Samuel F.
McGill, age 12, immigrated on 11 August 1827 on the "Doris". There
are a number of other McGills listed as well. See
(the paper
lists them as emigrations from the US). According to this list Sarah
McGill was freeborn (possibly the daughter of slaves). Samuel F.
McGill was freeborn also.

I still have not found a documented relationship between John Brown
Russwurm and the Russwurms of my family...


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